I was born in Los Angeles.

 I fell in love with music when I heard The Beatles for the very first  time. I knew right then that I would do whatever I could to be in music.

 My band was the High School band. I recorded my first tracks in a  studio at 16. I played any instrument I could find... piano, trumpet,  drums, violin, but it was guitar... lead guitar that captured my heart.  (Eric Clapton, George Harrison and then Doc Watson were my idols). I  lived in Madison, Wisconsin for a few years, where I fell in love with  country, folk and bluegrass. I played as much as I could.

 Back home in LA, I found a music production company that took me in.  I knew if I could get one foot in the door, I could make something  happen. I took that opportunity, and ran with it. There, I started what  would be a 28 year career writing and producing music for television. I  am proud to be an Emmy Winner, and grateful I gave myself that  chance.

 For the last 5 years, I've gone back to playing out... anywhere I can. I  play with a host of great friends.

 For me music is about giving. Giving to yourself first, and then anyone  who will listen. It's about reflection, joy and sharing emotion.

​ I can't imagine doing anything else.

Mark  Heyes