Mark  Heyes

    Crystal Blue     (Mark Heyes and Doug Heyes Jr.)                           
    You fill the night with magic
    As your fingers stroke the keys
    A voice so pure and tragic that it
    Brings me to my knees
    The moment seems to tell me that you're
    Singing just for me
    A song I swear you must have found
    In my own memory

    Can you see me in the corner Crystal Blue
    In the misty gloom of a smokey room
    Your light comes shining through
    And somehow unexpectedly
    I find I'm wanting you
    Sing for me alone, Crystal Blue

    You string me out with rhythm
    And you ring me out with blues
    Emotion from a bottle of
    Extraordinary booze
    Burns me with a fiery glow
    I seldom get to know
    And fills me with a passion that
    I Seldom get to show