Mark  Heyes

    Just Wait and See    (Mark Heyes)

    I've been so many places
    Down so many winding roads
    I heard a hundred voices
    And a thousand stories told
    Chased a million rainbows
    In my search for why I'm here
    They all seem to fade away
    Before the answer nears
        oh oh          oh no    

    Tell me that's the way He planned it
    Guess I just don't understand it
    Tell me that's the way it's gotta be
    It's easier to deal with fear
    With bar-b-cues and drinkin' beer
    TV always tells us that we're free
    Just wait and see

    I read the morning paper
    And I watch the evening news
    I hear the cry of millions
    Who are dying without food
    I watch the homeless suffer
    As they sleep out in the cold
    The whole damn world is blowing up
    And I'm just getting old
         oh oh       oh no            


    Times are getting tougher
    I'm not sure what I can do
    I'd Like to think I did some good
    Before my days are through
    I used to think that Freedom
    Meant choosin' on our own
    But now we send our kids to school
    And hope they make it home.
        oh oh   oh no