Outrun the Law     (Mark Heyes  / Gary Nicholson)

Frankie had a 44 Ford
V8 stroked and bored
Man was a real fine ride
And he could hide a hundred gallons of shine
He’d haul it all out of the holler
To make him a poor man’s dollar

Souped up engine from a cadillac
On a moonlit red dirt switch back
Running way ahead of the man
Saying catch me if you can
He made sure he’d never get caught
With white liquor that can’t be bought

There’s a whole lot folks in town
Just waiting to pour it on down
Friday night dancing and fighting
All hopped up on white lightning
Frankie he’s the one
They could count on to make the run
He’s making ‘em all   y’all
Cause he can outrun the law

Frankie’s friend was a rum runner too
And one day they had nothing to do
Frankie said Jimmy what do you say
How bout we have ourselves a little race
The set up dusty dirt track
And man the never looked back


So Frankie he took to racing
Daytona to Talladega
Fontana to Pokano
He became quite well known
Looking for the next place to drag
Eyes on the checkered flag  


Now he’s winnin’ ‘em all    y’all

Cause he can outrun the law

  • Outrun The Law3:30

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Mark  Heyes