What Can I Do     (Mark Heyes)                        

I can't believe I'm telling you
It's past the time for me to say goodbye
I gave you every thing I could                                                         
It's plain to see that you won't even try                

I told you that I loved you                                                     

I watched you turn away                                                  
Did you ever love me or                                                        
Just a game you played

What did I do                                                   

We can't be through                                                             
I didn't wanna' cause you pain                                                 
I'm going insane what can I do                                                       
To make you want me back again

Take your rings and all your things                                                    
You'll find them where I threw them by the door                                             
You won't commit to wantin' me                                                      

I can't commit to loving  you no more                                                           
I never thought I'd find someone                                                         

That makes me feel this way                                                   
I'm tired of broken promises                                               
I'm tired of all the painful games you play

Is it wrong for us to try                                                                                
Is it time to say goodbye

Mark  Heyes